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ENJO UK  is the exclusive distributor of the Austrian award winning and unique range of chemical-free products. Using just ENJO and water, our customers can clean their homes in half the time, with better results and cut their cleaning bills in half. Getting rid of nasty chemicals means they help protect the health of their family and our environment.

Available in over 30 countries worldwide, ENJO is a business where you can make a difference. Work round the hours that suit you, make friends and grow a business in an enviroment that rewards and appreciates you. We offer full training and excellent opportunities within the company for consultants, team, senior and regional managers.

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I have met so many different people, and made some amazing friendships At home, I only use ENJO, and still can't believe how quick and easy it is - even the children help me!

Sarah Pagan, ENJO Consultant

Latest ENJO (UK) Ltd News

Sunday Times journalist raves about ENJO 10/8/2010

Christina Roberts published an article entitled "Scrubbing Up" in the Sunday Times magazine on 8th August 2010. In it she raves about her ENJO cleaning products - purchased at full price following a demo back in 2007!

ENJO commissions ebook 1/8/2010

"How to Have a Safer, Healthier and Greener Home by Eliminating Common Household Chemicals"

Available to download for free from www.enjo.co.uk. This book offers practical & impartial advise for reducing the use of household chemicals.

ENJO launch 14/7/2010

"Revolution" is the new incredibly effective laundry liquid made entirely from natural ingredients, by ENJO. Revolution is not only an eco friendly alternative to chemical detergents, but it's mild recipe makes it a must for those with senitive skin

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