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DSA in the News - 2012 

Press - 8th January 2012 
Direct Selling Association Takes the Industry's Agenda to the House of Commons 
The Direct Selling Association, together with some of the industry's leading Chief Executives, last night attended a House of Commons reception to discuss some of the key priorities for the industry and outline how it is contributing to the Government's economic growth agenda. 
Daily Mirror - 15th May 2012 
Direct Selling - A Recession Beating Job 
The Daily Mirror features the story of a owman who is beating the recession by working for two Direct Selling Companies. The article highlights that ordinarily holding down two jobs is very difficult but the flexibility of Direct Selling allows Catherine to beat the recession while still having a personal life. 
Independant Magazine - 15th May 2012 
Capitalism Begins at Home: How the Modern Direct-Sales Event is Defying the Recession 
Forget naughty lingerie and plastic storage boxes. In defiance of the recession, the modern direct-sales event is doing brisk business in scented candles, fine wines and Jamie Oliver saucepans. Holly Williams joins the party. 
Ding dong... Avon calling! It's a familiar phrase but one that you might think belongs to a bygone era, of beehived housewives keen to make a little extra pocket money selling skincare products. 
Financial Times - 26th April 2012 
Men in the Direct Selling Industry 
Director General Paul Southworth gives some information to the Financial Times about the increase in men in Direct Selling. 
Press- 6th March 2012 
Work Your Way 
Paul Southworth gives advise to future or prospective Direct Sellers on how they can work their own way in the Direct Selling Industry. 
FInancial Times - February 22nd 2012 
Moving on from Door-to-Door 
The Financial Times reports on the modern Direct Selling Industry. The old traditions are changing so are people's perceptions. Here's why. 
Press - 2nd February 2012 
Consider Alternative Working Avenues 
Director General Paul Southworth writes a guest blog post about working your own way in the Direct Selling Industry. Read the blog post below. 
WM Magazine - 16th February 2012 
Mums the Word in Direct Selling 
Paula Giles, who's 29 and lives in Bournemouth, loves socialising. "I could talk for England," she says, "and I also love parties and meeting new people." That's one of the reasons that last year, the mum of one began organising parties with Best in Glass - a Direct Selling Company that specialises in wine and spirt accessories. 
Daily Mirror - 16th February 2012 
My Job's a Party - Why Being made Redundant is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to me. 
When Rebecca Hancock was made redundant from her job as a Marketing Manager for Halifax bank in 2009, she could not have been more pleased. 
Daily Mail - 10th February 2012 
Don't Fear the Selling Game 
"I used to avoid job offers that involves sales, but I now sales director with cosmetics company work for myself as an independent senior sales director with cosmetics company Mary Kay, and I live it" says Vanessa Stottor. 
Partylite - 8th January 2012 
New President for Partylite Worldwide 
Partylite Worldwide announces their new president. Effective immediately. 
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