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Kyäni Mission 
Kyäni is a wellness and beauty company with global operations in more than 60 countries. 
Kyäni’s Mission is to “to bring Hope—the promise of a better life—through wellness and opportunity”. Since 2007, our business partners have joined us in this mission. Together, we have provided people all over the world with unique nutritional and skin care products, and an opportunity to earn by introducing the products to others and encouraging them to become partners. 
Our products represent the best that science and nature have to offer. They have impacted lives throughout the world. 
We have a simple but unique product philosophy: Kyäni’s Triangle of Wellness helps to nourish the body from the inside out, while the the revolutionary Kyäni Fleuresse skin care system nourishes the body from the outside in. 
Our popular brands Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Nitro FX / Nitro XTREME and Kyäni Sunset belong to Kyäni’s Triangle of Wellness. Our Fleuresse skin care system, on the other hand, includes these brands: Fleuresse Serum, Fleuresse Boosting Cleanser, Fleuresse Day Brightening Crème, Fleuresse Night Crème and Fleuresse Eye Crème. 
Kyäni Caring Hands 
Kyäni Caring Hands is the charitable foundation created and supported by Kyäni Founders, Partners, staff and executives. The Founders believe that the true measure of success is not what you have, but what you do for others. Caring Hands fulfills that belief by offering a way for everyone to improve the lives of others, and offer hope to those who have none. 
Kyäni Founders 
Kirk & Rebecca Hansen 
Jim & LeAnn Hansen 
Carl & Linda Taylor 
Learn how you can experience more at www.kyani.com. 
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