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Appco Group UK 
Appco Group UK is the industry leader in quality, face-to-face field sales and 
marketing, and customer acquisition. 
The UK business is part of the global Appco Group, which specialises in promotingand sellingproducts and services on behalf of blue-chip companies and acquiring 
long-term donors for well-known charities. 
Every day, across the world, the field-marketing representatives we work withspeak directlyto more than one million people. This helps us to create a connectionwith our clients’ targetmarkets and deliver to our clients in excess of $US4 billionin revenue every year, via the newcustomers or donors we acquire for them. 
Field sales & marketing in the UK 
Appco Group was established in the UK in 1994, and works with an affiliatenetwork ofindependent field marketing companies to conduct its face-to-face,direct-selling activities. 
Appco Group UK is enormously proud of the value it adds, not only to thebusinesses andcharities it works with, but also to the community at large. 
Appco Group UK’s recent achievements include: 
• In one year, Appco Group UK’s Home Efficiency division has helped UK 
homeowners save more than £39million on their energy bills, by promoting 
home-efficiency measures on behalf of its client. 
• In 2013, Appco Group UK’s Charity division broke a world record for the 
number of regular-giving donors signed up to the British Red Cross in one 
year. Appco signed a total of 117,000 regular-giving donors. 
• In 2013, Appco Group UK’s Home Delivery division acquired more than 
15,000 new customers for one fresh-produce client. 
• Appco Group UK’s Solar division will save customers £9.2 million on their 
electricity bills over the next 25 years, by promoting residential solar panel 
installation on behalf of its client. 
The beginning of our field-sales journey 
The direct-selling business was founded by Chris Niarchos in Sydney in 1987, andoriginallyoperated as Cobra Group. 
However, by 2010, Cobra Group had diversified into a range of differentcompanies and thedirect-selling business required a distinct global brand, soAppco Group was launchedworldwide to focus on global field sales and marketing.It now operates in 28 countriesthroughout Europe, the Americas, Australia andAsia. 
Globally, Apcco Group still benefits from being part of the Cobra Group ofCompanies, whichis now a billion-dollar group of diversified companies – with 
interests in sales and marketing, insurance, financial services, motorsport, energy 
and high-tech manufacturing – but all with a common ambition to open up a worldofopportunity to the people associated with them. 
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