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A NEW WAY to discover and buy beauty 
Love beauty but are too busy to shop for it? Wouldn't you and your friends love to discover great beauty products and accessories from brands and makers that are not widely available on the high street? And, in the comfort of your home? 
Yes, but - let's face it - we don't. We are always juggling family, friends, work, our homes, health and fitness and many other life commitments. 
We all have busy lives. There is rarely time to shop with friends. The high street can be overwhelming and finding an honest opinion about what looks great (and what doesn't!) is tricky; let alone gaining expert opinion on what's on trend and likely to work perfectly for you from picking up the kids from school to an evening out with friends. Online shopping can feel soulless; we all end up buying the same products from mainstream brands. Magazines and blogs only have a positive spin. 
MyShowcase is all about shopping with friends 
MyShowcase allows you and your friends to discover, try and buy exciting, new, up-and-coming beauty brands in the calm, comfort of your home or workplace. 
MyShowcases independent Stylists will help you organise showcase parties to which they will bring a range of beauty products and accessories for you all to discuss and try on. 
Beauty products with passion 
MyShowcase carefully selects brands that are not (yet!) widely available based on their quality, effectiveness and uniqueness. 
Behind these brands we often find entrepreneurial women (and some men!) whose inspiration, passion and experience can be seen and felt in their products. Their stories are fascinating. 
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