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LiV for beautiful things 
Like most great ideas they start as a chat over a cup of coffee and you have a moment when you realise that you have met some like-minded people who feel passionate about the same things. 
LiV embraces just that! For those of us who love beautiful things, we have sourced some fabulous products, with great stories behind them and we will continually introduce new companies and designers who can offer something appealing and innovative in design. 
We have a fun and eclectic range of homeware, gifts, and children’s products - even heading into the garden with some whimsical watering cans! 
At LiV we have a wealth of experience in developing businesses and coaching sales people to ensure their individual success making for a formidable partnership. We know that there are many entrepreneurs out there who would love to be part of LiV, and we are very excited about the prospect of welcoming you on board. 
We would like to share our Values and Mission Statement with you: 
Promotion of self esteem 
Why choose LiV? 
Because we are proud to be different! Our range is totally new and exciting and there is a niche in the market just for us. 
You have full flexibility on how you sell, which can be through running LiV Experiences, at events and via a link to your own online site, with the same commission earned on all sales - how much you do is up to you 
All orders can be delivered direct to your Host or Online customers. 
There are fabulous host perks. 
Our training is available online, allowing you to train and recruit remotely. 
You will receive training, support and coaching from a DSA award winning team. 
Fantastic, simple ordering system, with great visibility of your business. 
A simple Career Plan with achievable levels, for example with five front line leaders you can be at the top of our plan. 
Unlimited earning opportunities. 
We continually search for those new products that make us smile 
If you join us it will be an amazing journey - we are LiVing our dream and we would love to help you LiV yours. Contact us now and be in at the start of this exciting business opportunity 
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