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NewGen Direct Ltd 
Based in Shakespeare’s Warwickshire (UK), NewGen Direct is a very exciting new & revolutionary, cutting-edge ‘British’ certified organic supplement company with global appeal. 
Following our launch in 2014, our all-in-one supplement, NewGen Superfoods Plus®, has been featured extensively in the British media, including a full page feature article in the Daily Express, promoting the life changing product testimonial from James Bond actress Yennis Cheung. Former Emerdale star, Roxanne Pallet promoted our product in OK Magazine, Gordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby’s product testimonial was featured in Reveal, plus we have had many other media articles featuring our breakthrough product in national publications such as The Sunday People, Women’s Fitness, Female First, Health Magazine, Vitality and more. 
Click on www.product.newgendirect.com to see our product e-leaflet. Please use the arrows to flip the pages. 
Our 100% natural, vegetarian & vegan friendly all-in-one product, NewGen Superfoods Plus, is manufactured to the highest world-wide industry standards and has been extensively tested by renowned independent laboratories including Brunswick Labs, ALS & LGC (formerly known as HFL Sports Science). There have been 2 pre-clinical studies performed by Brunswick Labs, plus their full antioxidant testing suite and the results are exceptional. Our product is also sports drug tested for professional athletes and many premiership footballers as a result use our product. 91.83% of our formula is made with certified organic raw wholefood freeze-dried fruits, veggies, seeds, grains, protein and fibre, plus our formula contains plant trace minerals, over 5 billion dairy-free bacteria cultures, antioxidants, extracts and digestive enzymes, all in a convenient 12.5g powder sachet serving. The powder can easily be mixed with liquid in a shaker or with food. We do not add sweeteners, added sugar, fortified synthetic nutrients, flavourings or any type of additives and our product is gluten free, wheat free, soya free and dairy free. We do not test on animals! 
Read below, to find out more about the fabulous NewGen Direct business opportunity... 
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Click on www.business.newgendirect.com to see our business e-leaflet. Please use the arrows to flip the pages. 
This new & exciting company is the brainchild of Clinton Sellers, a 2nd generation industry success story. After growing up seeing his father run some of the most successful Direct Selling Companies in his day, Clinton followed in his footsteps in the late 1980’s, almost 29 years ago, and has a wealth of experience. Clinton has held top corporate positions in the industry and was in fact the youngest person in his day to run an international Direct Selling (Network Marketing) company. He became the highest ranking European Distributor, with a huge international network with a company for over 13 years, with a multi-million annual turnover and trained and mentored thousands upon thousands of distributors (Consultants/Ambassadors) to build successful businesses nationally and internationally. He is the only person in the Direct Selling Association’s history to own both a member UK DSA company and a UK DSA Suppliers company at the same time, giving valuable business advice to other companies in our industry. Clinton decided to use his experience to create the company and the product that he had been looking for and in March 2014, he launched NewGen Direct which was featured extensively in British press within weeks following the launch. 
Purchase at the wholesale price 
No minimum orders 
No stock requirements 
No annual renewal fees 
No boss 
No staff to hire 
No business premises required 
Choose your hours 
Age friendly 
Parent friendly 
Free replicated e-commerce website 
Free online office 
Real time business information 24/7 
Free access to our training & marketing resource centre 
Free webinars and meetings 
Order hotline & Distributor support team available 7 days a week 
No annual renewal fees 
Fabulous Marketing Plan (Compensation Plan), one of the best in the industry 
If you are being introduced by another NewGen Direct Consultant, please ask them for their NewGen Direct website so you can open your account. If you do not have a NewGen Direct Consultant, please visit www.newgendirect.com. On either website, simply click on ‘Start a business’ and ‘Register’. As soon as you receive our confirmation email, you are up and running and will be part of one of the most exciting businesses in the Direct Selling Industry. 
"NewGen Superfoods Plus is both an astonishing and unique product. It makes a world beater for your own health but also for the business opportunity it represents. Just through word of mouth, within our first month with NewGen, my husband and I are thrilled to have made Sapphire Ambassador." Colette G 
"I was a distributor with another company a couple of years ago with a very large product range, but new distributors found the range overwhelming and customers found it confusing too. NewGen is like a breath of fresh air, we just love the simplicity and the product is amazing. It is great for anyone wanting to build their own business with a hurdle free opportunity." Paul C 
"I love having my own business with NewGen Direct. The product is exceptional and the results people can achieve are quite remarkable. I have been with the company since day one and it has been a very exciting journey seeing this great business being formed and the fabulous opportunity it provides. Everything is in place for people to start straight away and help is always on hand if you need it." Vereker N 
"As a Mum with two children, I love the fact that I can build my NewGen business around my family commitments. It really is the ideal business for parents who want to have a rewarding and exciting career but do not want to miss out on valuable family time. There are minimal costs to get started with NewGen, so anyone can do it." Sally A 
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