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We’re the girls that put the pizzazz into personal safety. At SafeGirl, we’re passionate about empowering other 
women to feel more confident, strong and self-assured, both at home and when they’re out and about. We sell cool, trendy personal alarms and gadgets to help keep women, teens, girls (and boys) safer on our streets. 
It’s a business that means something too. We’re taking a stand on domestic violence, bullying, intimidation and other issues faced by women today. A key part of our work is in educating women and teens and supporting relevant charities to raise awareness. 
We to want help more women achieve their true potential, whatever their background, with the opportunity to make a living and build a business that counts for something. SafeGirl offers a generous compensation plan, a nurturing support network, and a caring and committed leadership that understands the challenges that modern women face. 
SafeGirl mission 
SafeGirl was founded by Andrea Clark, a mother to four daughters. Concerned about her girls walking home from school alone, she took an interest in all things personal safety. Soon after, however, she entered into two successive highly abusive relationships, escaping only five years later after suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. 
She’s now keen to share all that she’s learnt with others, to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to empower more women to stand on their own two feet. That includes reaching out to younger women and building teen self-esteem to prevent more of our youngsters from entering into toxic relationships. The goal is empower girls, teens and women to become self aware, self-confident and safety savvy when out and about and at home. 
As part of our commitment to making a difference through our work, and in raising awareness of these issues, we support three charities - Women’s Aid, Victim Support and Kidscape - to help end violence against women and bullying. 
SafeGirl Sisters 
Our SafeGirl Sisters are our ambassadors out in the world. Each one has the opportunity to empower other women on their journey, whether that’s raising awareness of domestic abuse or offering safety tips for walking home alone at night. 
SafeGirl Sisters have the opportunity to build a flexible, scalable business on their own terms. To build an independent income and create a stronger, independent life. 
Above all, we stand for all women. There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. And behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. 
SafeGirl Products 
We sell stylish and fashion conscious personal safety alarms and security gadgets to help keep women, girls, teens (and boys!) safe on our streets. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas and innovations to help our customers feel safe and reassured when they’re out and about. And we want them to look good too. All our products are designed with the discerning young woman, trendy teen or fairytale princess in mind. 
We’re committed to supporting our SafeGirl Sisters. Therefore, our products can only be purchased via our independent sales representatives. We do not sell any products online directly in order to better support our SafeGirl Sisters.o edit it. 
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