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PSP Group 
PSP Group's aim is to support Distributors and Member Organisations to grow successful businesses. 
An example of products and services can be seen below: 
- Full range e-community websites to share information, support trainings and provide services i.e. stationery, accountancy etc 
- Templated recruitment websites - customised websites to provide personal presence for  
Distributors working within the guidelines of the DSA and Member Organisation's policies 
- Templated retail sites - allows Distributors to point customers to their own retail site and for sales to be attributed to themselves 
- e-magazines - customised e-magazines to aid recruitment for Distributors - all with their own details 
All of the above are multi-lingual. PSP supports DSA companies with sites across many different countries. 
PSP is also leading on a number of projects for the DSA sector as follows: 
- Qualifications - customised for the industry to help Distributors learn how to become successful businesses and to be "Accredited Qualified Professionals" 
- Mobile Credit Card Payments - ability to take credit cards - important to increase average order values and to enable Distributors to take payments before cheques are to be redundant from 2019 
- iPhone offers for the sector - allowing Distributors to keep in touch with their team and customers 
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