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Surpassing Customer Satisfaction to Customer Success

Established in 2009, Atomy is a global network marketing company with direct selling operations in 27 regions worldwide as of December 2022, including Korea.

Since it was established, Atomy has grown rapidly through consumer-centered network marketing that strictly upholds CEO Park Han-Gill’s principle of“Absolute Quality, Absolute Price.”

The company has worked tirelessly to create a foundation for sustainable growth based on innovative thinking that sets customer success as its key objective and a corporate culture centered on principles, inclusive growth, and sharing.

In 2022, Atomy sales reached KRW 2.2 trillion (approx. USD 1.84 billion), and as of December 2022, it had 15 million registered members.

Atomy uses a consumer-oriented network marketing strategy. We select favourable products that are higher in quality at more reasonable prices and sell them through distribution channels that can compete with department stores, discount stores, home shopping networks, and online shopping.

In other words, we find products that are more competitive in quality and price than similar products distributed through other channels for our customers’ benefits. Through this strategy, we promise to achieve our ultimate goal of “Surpassing Customer Satisfaction to Customer Success.”

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