Become A Member of the DSA

As the only body representing direct selling in UK, we provide a unified voice to engage and lobby with government and other bodies in the UK. This means advocating on behalf of our members and advocating ethical business practices and consumer protection.


There are many benefits to Membership of the DSA, including permission to use the DSA logo which is a tool for growing a business in the Direct Selling industry.  Any size business can apply to join, provided they are prepared to adhere to the Code of Practice.  This includes start-up enterprises, to whom the DSA provides basic advice free of charge.  Applicants and their businesses are assessed against a range of criteria aimed at promoting industry professionalism and consumer protection.  Consumers and Direct Sellers can be confident that any business that is a Member of the DSA is ethical and professional.

Member Companies benefit from many aspects of our work:

  • Monitoring economic and regulatory environments and influencing favourable conditions for the markets in which our Members (and their independent contractors) operate
  • Lobbying for our industry and working to encourage ethical business practices
  • Maintaining awareness of issues that potentially affecting Member interests
  • Maintaining dialogue with key policy makers, media and kindred bodies
  • Compiling credible industry data
  • Formulating and creating awareness of our policies
  • Lobbying stakeholders
  • Leveraging international activities and monitoring international developments affecting Direct Selling
  • Contributing to relevant WFDSA activities
  • Participating in industry PR activity

We also offer assistance to Members in their daily business activities:

  • Creating public awareness and understanding of the nature and opportunities in Direct Selling
  • Promoting and leveraging DSA branding
  • Providing information and advice on the technical aspects of Direct Selling and the regulatory and related requirements for Direct Selling
  • Helping new players to the Direct Selling industry
  • Regular updates on regulatory and other industry changes
  • Building a pool of suppliers of Direct Selling support services
  • Conferences and seminars, legal updates
  • Relationship building and networking events, newsletter and website resources
  • International events

Want to Become a Member?