A Commitment to Best Practice

Application for membership of the DSA is voluntary. By applying to join the DSA, a company is proactively demonstrating its commitment to the higher standards of processes and business practices required of DSA members compared to non-members.

Membership of the DSA is only granted to companies which have satisfactorily undergone the full DSA audit process. This is a process that can take up to a year, depending on the maturity of the company submitting the application. During this period, a rigorous examination of an organisation’s business practices, policies and processes are undertaken to check compliance with the DSA’s Codes of Conduct. For the duration of this process, an organisation remains as a Prospective Member.

The requirements of DSA membership are summarised in the DSA’s Codes of Conduct. These Codes of Conduct go above and beyond UK law, and full details can be found by clicking the button below.

Unannounced checks are conducted regularly, with member companies selected at random, to ensure ongoing compliance with the DSA’s Codes of Conduct.

Rogue Operators

As in many industries, there are companies and individuals that can do huge reputational damage to the wider industry by failing to conduct themselves in an ethical or responsible manner.

Always look for the DSA logo if you are considering working with, or buying from, a direct selling company. DSA members are required to offer greater protection, training and rights to both those working as direct sellers, and their customers.

Beware of any organisation that asks for large up-front payments to get started. The cost of becoming an independent Representative or Consultant with DSA member company is typically low (normally less than £100).

Beware of any organisations or individuals making outlandish or unrealistic earnings claims. Any assertions that working in direct selling is a chance to ‘get rich quick’ are simply not credible; anything that looks or sounds too good to be true probably is. Working in direct selling is effort-based, and as with many things in life, work is required to achieve success.