DSA Codes

There are two different codes which Member Companies and Direct Sellers comply with. Here, you can download both codes in full.


The Direct Selling Association was founded in 1965 to promote the highest standards of Consumer protection in Direct Sales. Check whether the order form and literature, shown to you by a Direct Seller, carries the DSA logo. This indicates that the company is a DSA member.


The advantages of purchasing from a DSA member are:
  • DSA members comply with a consumer code
  • Members’ compliance with the DSA code is vetted by an independent Code Administrator
  • Customers have a level of protection that exceeds their legal rights
  • The protection covers purchases of any value and whether or not the sale was solicited or unsolicited
  • On the rare occasion when a consumer does have a complaint that needs to be referred to the DSA complaint resolution service, the independent Code Administrator’s adjudication is binding on the DSA member, whilst not incurring any cost to the complainant


All independent Direct Sellers of Member Companies are protected by the DSA Code of Business Conduct which covers the fair and honest promotion of independent business opportunities in Direct Selling. The Code provides protection of investments in business opportunities, that exceed those demanded by law. The code is administered by the DSA's Independent Code Administrator.


  • Demands truthfulness and openness in all recruitment advertisements
  • Prohibits unreasonable investments
  • Demands proper contracts, contract cancellation rights and product buy back rights that exceed those demanded by law
  • Demands the provision of adequate basic training as part of any initial investment
  • Demands the prompt payment of commissions and bonuses and provision of regular and comprehensive statements of account