As a sector, we have always embraced change, diversity, inclusion and passion. No glass ceilings, no limits – providing you work hard and put the effort in. 2020 has seen unprecedented times and I have never been more proud to represent an industry that has supported its Consultants, worked to support Communities, donated goods to front-line workers, and above all risen to the challenge to maintain excellent quality customer service. The sector has demonstrated innovation, utilising digital platforms and new ways to get vital products to customers, all whilst abiding by the recommended government codes for social distancing and limits.

The truth is that all our DSA Members share more than a passion for the industry; we all share a common goal to provide a direct-to-consumer channel which provides the best products and the best retail experience for our Consultants' Customers. During these challenging times, so difficult for so many, we have united and pushed to work harder, smarter and with resilience to satisfy our Customers’ needs and provide a vital income to our Consultants. With that in mind, we at the DSA are launching a campaign where I am proud to announce we will take the learnings from the past months and not waste these vital insights: we will not ‘return to normal’ we will move ‘Forward to Better’.

Susannah Schofield OBE, Director General