Driving rapid growth in Direct Selling companies with our unique 20+ years experience

We drive growth in Direct Selling companies the world over, with our unique 20+ years experience as executives in head office teams, as well as in the field, having built 9-figure distribution teams. We therefore know what it takes to succeed in this challenging and exciting industry, and together with your experience, we quickly drive improvements that produce significant results.

We focus on helping bring together head office and distributor leadership teams, removing barriers and ensuring everyone has the right tools and skills to succeed. We deliver value fast using our Direct Selling Growth Cycle™ framework that captures more than two decades experience and quickly delivers meaningful improvements that drive growth.

Some examples of what weve done for our clients:

  • Onboarding & Training
  • Sales Tools
  • Recruitment Tools
  • Leadership Events & Training
  • Feedback & Collaboration Systems
  • Head Office team Training

 And have delivered meaningful results:

  • +24% Retail Sales
  • +49% Distributor Recruitment
  • +32% New starter performance
  • -44% Compliance breaches
  • +37% Distributor moral
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+44 (0) 330 229 3661
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