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Our mission is threefold:

  1. To encourage everyone to clean in a healthier and more environmentally responsible way, through education and provision of natural and refillable products
  2. To attract, develop and retain motivated, diverse and passionate Brand Ambassadors, through providing an ethical sales platform and business opportunity that fits their individual needs
  3. To build and grow a successful business, while making a positive impact on the world


Cleaning with Conscience©.

Our Clean Living journey started in 2017 when our Bio-Chemist was seeking ways to make a difference to the world and how people clean their homes. She had a fantastic range of natural and biological cleaning products, which she had promoted into commercial markets for a number of years. With people gradually becoming aware of the impact toxic-ridden products have on their general health and the wider environment, she knew it was the time to bring her products into the domestic market.

The result is a company that:

  • Protects the environment with natural biological cleaning formulations
  • Reduces single-use plastic waste through our refill – reuse – recycle model
  • Reduces carbon emissions by shipping aluminium bottles empty with a sachet of concentrate
  • Helps to engrain ethical habits through the use of our subscription model
  • Builds a movement that harnesses the power of Social Selling through our Ambassador network

We put great emphasis on being environmentally responsible and educating people about a less harmful way to clean our homes. Our range of cleaning products are next generation. They harness the power of nature by containing only plant-derived chemicals combined with good bacteria. They have a beautiful fragrance, give a deeper and longer-lasting clean, and are more effective at removing dirt and grime than traditional toxic cleaning products. Our refillable aluminium bottles are shipped empty with a sachet of concentrate that is mixed with tap water at home. This makes them lighter and reduces carbon emissions.

To date, we have won numerous eco-friendly and sustainable awards and secured the Made in Britain logo.  We are fortunate to receive acclaim from those that have tried our products. All of these have positioned us as a serious contender in the eco-friendly cleaning space.

In summary, we are creating a business that encourages an ethical movement focused on protecting the environment, whilst enabling individuals to generate an income through the promotion of our products.


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Testimonials from Brand Ambassadors:

“Like many nowadays, initially, I was searching for a way to earn a little extra income. I work full time, but with three young daughters and the rising cost of living, a little extra is always helpful! The money is a great bonus, of course, however the most valuable part of becoming a Clean Living International ambassador goes beyond the flexibility and additional income – it is the connections, the conversations and the friendship that makes it! I’m so grateful to be part of such an amazing community of individuals who create meaningful change.”

Jess L


“Previously, I’d never considered sales or had any experience working in direct sales, but the team was so supportive and it was a fantastic opportunity to top up our household income alongside my part-time job at the time, so I became an Ambassador and set up my company, A Happy Green Clean. The additional income provides a cushion during these hard times – it’s reassuring to know that I can earn more as and when we need it.”

Wendy S

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