Member Directory

The following list of DSA Member Companies will prove to be an invaluable resource for anybody interested in becoming a Direct Seller. All the companies listed here comply with the DSA codes of practice, and have met all the criteria required by the Association. All of the companies listed here welcome personal enquiries.


Beauty, Nutrition
& Homecare

Nutritional, Natural
Beauty Products

Beauty, Health
& Wellness

Beauty, Health, Wellness, Jewellery, Accessories & Gifts

CBD Products

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Magnetic Jewellery

Cleaning System

Cosmetics & Food Supplements

Health & Wellbeing

Weight Loss, Health & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness Products


Whole Food Nutrition,
Health & Wellness

Food Supplements

Nutritional Supplements for Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Magnetic Jewellery

Health & Wellness

Cosmetics, Skincare,
Toiletries & Fragrance

Nutritional Supplements,
Skincare & Personal Care

Natural Hair &
Skincare Products

Food Supplements, Homecare, Personal Care & Weight Control

Organic Health Supplements

Vital Wellness Products

Nutritional Cosmetic,
Hair & Mouth Products

Natural Health &
Beauty Products

Soluble Beverages &
Food Supplements

Swedish Skincare & Cosmetics

Candles, Candle Holders & Incense

Health, Wellness & Beauty

Nutritional Wellness Products

Titanium 316 Health
Cooking System

Scents & Fragrance Systems

Herbal Nutritional Weight Loss, Skincare, Cosmetics & Homecare

Weight Loss, Health
and Wellbeing

Skincare, Haircare & Make-up

Chinese Health-preserving
& Wellbeing Products

Nutritional & Personal Care

Independent Children's
Book Publisher

Health & Weight Management

Kitchen Appliances

Pure Essential Oils

Cosmetics, Skincare
& Beauty