Address: Energetix, Franz-Kirsten-Strasse 1, Bingen, Germany, 55411.

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ENERGETIX Bingen: the opportunity of leading a fulfilled life.

The owner- and family-run company of ENERGETIX Bingen works with exclusive designer jewellery possessing integrated magnets in the strong growth markets of jewellery and wellness. 

The leader in the network marketing of magnetic jewellery has been enjoying sound and continuous growth since 2002. The jewellery is created by the in-house designers who develop international trends to create independent ENERGETIX lines. The variety of the annually updated collection appeals to a huge market of people who enjoy jewellery. The magnets offer an additional benefit: millions of customers all over the world wear the jewellery both because they love the design and because they want to be near to magnets.

The reputation that the ENERGETIX brand enjoys today opens doors to customers and makes it possible to work with such celebrities as Kevin Costner, Ronan Keating and Barbara Schöneberger (who is the current face of the collection).

With humanity to success 

The designer jewellery’s success has been accompanied by a unique atmosphere at ENERGETIX – one that prioritises the growth and free development of the individual business partners. “We are continuing to consolidate our position as the market leader with the aim of creating better financial prospects for our business partners and employees. We’re giving more and more people the opportunity to achieve a fulfilled life in a career that’s fun and enjoyable and that helps make dreams and wishes come true,” said Roland Förster, Sole Shareholder and CEO.

Each business partner sets his or her own individual goals. Motivation is boosted by, among other things, competitions with exclusive training trips to the most popular destinations in the world, e.g. the Rocky Mountains, Peru and Vietnam, while the ENERGETIXDrive vehicle programme also represents a great incentive. This programme gives successful business partners the opportunity to drive their own Mercedes at the favourable terms achieved through a fleet contract and with genuine financial support from the company when corresponding targets have been met.

The concept works: ENERGETIX Bingen today has business partners all over the world and licensees in Eastern Europe, Puerto Rico, Australia, Turkey and Mongolia. Annual sales at catalogue prices reached 83 million euros in 2014.

Social commitment 

The ENERGETIX concept makes it possible for people to achieve financial success in an attractive career but it also nurtures the growth of individual business partners. ENERGETIX’s charity project grew out of this concept as an expression of gratitude for the privilege of being able to live and work in such ideal conditions. Both business partners and the company have been working together to support the Hugo Tempelman Foundation since 2008. Hugo Tempelman is a physician from the Netherlands who has achieved remarkable and pioneering successes in the battle against aids in South Africa. His work has served as the model for several other similar projects in the region. The funds that ENERGETIX has to date donated to this very effective work passed the million euro mark this year.

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