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Address: It Works International, 28 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland, D02 NT28.

Tel: +353 1 575 3103



It Works! is a skin care and nutrition company, named for the excited reaction people have when trying our products – It Works!

It Works! started in 2001 and is debt-free and expanding all over the world. With customers in 23 countries, It Works! is a global skin care and nutrition company that continues to develop a wide range of innovative products that support the healthy lifestyle of its customers globally.

It Works! was born out of Mark & Cindy Pentecost’s passion to offer families the opportunity to dream big, to begin living life in their own terms—because they too had those dreams once themselves.

“The biggest challenge in this industry—and really the worldwide market—is to offer an uncommon solution, a true original, that captivates people and offers them something they never thought possible before. When we found the Ultimate Body Applicator, we knew we had something special to share with the world.” – Mark Pentecost, CEO It Works! Global.

The company’s founding product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, has become a global phenomenon and remains a best-seller since its introduction 17 years ago.

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