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Address: Mannatech Ltd, Atlas Building R27, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX.

Tel: 0800 028 6071



Mannatech is an established, International company operating in the fast growing Wellness Industry and we have been developing products for over twenty-five years that have helped millions live better lives. From health to weight and fitness, our proprietary products continue to make a difference. In fact, we’ve been issued more than 140 patents worldwide for our technology, a big win for us as well as for customers.

Using Real Food Technology® solutions—an innovative method of creating products with the most natural and plant-sourced ingredients that have been scientifically proven to benefit the human body—we’ve assembled a powerful assortment of products.

Combine that with our a new hybrid model of Social Entrepreneurship that provides anyone who chooses to help champion our M5M™ vision with the unique opportunity to change their lives by helping us change the world. Mannatech offers outstanding rewards to those who champion our cause; helping us link consumers to the needs of the world’s vulnerable children, and for helping to build teams of Champions who are willing to do the same.

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