Address: MeAmora/BSH Global Ltd, Vulcan Works, 34-38 Guildhall Road, Northampton, NN1 1EW

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A beauty brand with a big heart

MeAmora is the only beauty brand in the UK to offer salon quality lash and nail products to use at home, supported by a community of vibrant Stylists and Influencers.

Our founding company’s story began over 30 years ago in a garage in Queens, New York, with a desire to create salon-quality beauty products that could be confidently used at home.

An entrepreneurial spirit and innovation of new products elevated the company to becoming a global beauty leader.

Behind MeAmora there is a dynamic, forward thinking team with years of collective experience in social selling and beauty with global companies. We will be leading the way to make positive change to issues that matter through the MeAmora ‘Love Me’ mission. MeAmora offers a rewarding, flexible and fun social selling opportunity through sharing and promoting our ground-breaking nail and lash products. Stylists and Influencers will have the confidence to share and build a successful business with the help of free training, online support and so much more!

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