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Address: Oriflame Cosmetics UK , Suites E & F, Old Stratford Business Park, Milton Keynes, MK19 6FG.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7118 0081

Web: http://uk.oriflame.com

E-mail: info@oriflame.co.uk

A beauty company like no other


For over 50 years we have enabled people from all over the world to celebrate their personal beauty and fulfil their dreams. We create and offer high quality, safe, trend-driven products to beauty lovers and the unique possibility to become part of a global beauty community.


Beauty by Sweden


Because we’re from Sweden we have a different view on beauty. For us, it’s not only how you look, but how you live, feel and act. It’s a way of life: to be healthy, enjoy beautiful skin, express yourself and have fun. It’s about being confident in who you are and finding balance in life. A balance that come from the inside and out – that puts you in control no matter what life throws at you – that lets you grow and thrive.

We also believe in a responsible beauty, creating safe products that are inspired by nature and powered by science. Products – with eco-ethically screened ingredients – that you can believe in and stand by.
That’s Beauty by Sweden – our way of helping you live a healthier, more beautiful life.


Our history


It all began in 1967, in a small two-room office in central Stockholm. Two brothers, Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, and their friend, Bengt Hellsten, sat down and talked about their dreams. They wanted to create a different kind of company that offered a different kind of product. They came up with the idea of giving people the opportunity to benefit from high quality beauty products inspired by our Swedish nature. At the time, this was not an obvious road to success – especially not in Sweden. But that conversation marked the beginning of an incredible journey that continues to inspire more than 50 years later.

Today Oriflame is present in over 60 markets with over 3 million independent Brand Partners who share, promote and sell our beauty and wellness products.


Join our beauty movement – become an independent Brand Partner


Our business offers you the opportunity to become part of the beauty industry by recommending and selling our high quality, beauty products created in Sweden. With us you can make money from day one, build a business and earn the opportunity to travel the world together with us. Come join us and our global community of like-minded beauty lovers!



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