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Address: Oriflame Cosmetics UK , Unit K2 BRUNLEYS, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3EW.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7118 0081

Web: http://uk.oriflame.com

E-mail: info@oriflame.co.uk

ORIFLAME – A COMPANY BUILT ON DREAMS, with us its all about you

In 1967 in Stockholm, Oriflame was started by two brothers Robert and Jonas Af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten. They decided to start their own business and to follow their dream.

Oriflame grew to be the largest European direct-selling beauty company with more than 3 million consultants worldwide and annual turnover of approximately 1.5 billion euro.

Since its launch in 1967, Oriflame has been dedicated to practices that are good for people and the environment. Oriflame has a wide product range of innovative beauty products using natural ingredients and inspired by nature. With a serious commitment to the environment and the communities it works in, Oriflame has launched many initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. The Oriflame Foundation is the company’s way to give back to communities by supporting women and children in need.

With close to 50 years of experience and success, Oriflame remains committed to its mission of helping make dreams come true.

Oriflame exists for people just like you. The products we make and the dynamic earning opportunity we offer are all created with you in mind.

With Oriflame´s unique earning opportunity you can join for free and start making money today. The many well presented products and attractive offers make selling Oriflame products as simple as showing the catalogue and asking for an order.

You don’t need any previous experience – we are there to help you along the way and most of the training and support is completely free. You invest as much time as you like and the opportunities to grow become unlimited.

You have complete control and freedom over the hours you work and the rewards you receive. You decide whether to do this as a hobby, part time or full time job. In short – you are the boss!

We therefore are proud to offer an opportunity where you, from the beginning, earn money whilst building your business and reach for your dreams. As we say – Make Money Today and Fulfil Your Dreams tomorrow.

The Oriflame opportunity puts your dreams within your reach—free to join and exceptional rewards. JOIN NOW!

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