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Address: The Blue Building, Dairy House Farm, Stubbs Lane, Beckington, Frome, BA11 6TE

Tel: +44 (0) 1373 486650





Every Journey Starts Somewhere- Tessellate Collective 

Tessellate Collective is a Social Marketing Business model that launched in the UK in May 2019. We were built to bridge the gap between the CBD and Direct Selling industry. 

We manufacture and produce the highest quality, UK manufactured, on trend, innovative CBD products that exceed the expectations of the customer and Network Marketing field.

We launch with our flagship product ‘Tessellate Collective Full Spectrum CBD Oil’ in 2 strengths and 2 flavours. It all starts with being a product of our product- personal endorsement is the backbone of our Social Marketing Strategy.

Our parent companies ‘George Botanicals’ and ‘Sativa Group PLC’ work closely with the relevant regulatory bodies within the exciting new industry of CBD, and are investing in our Social Marketing Business model to create the most exciting new company, with global expansion planned. 

Becoming an Advocate with Tessellate allows you to access our simple and lucrative Uni-level commission plan that is understandable, duplicatable and earn financially rewarding. We want our Advocates to have long and strong businesses, and endorse a strong sense of self into their business. As Advocates we plant lots of seeds- we Advocate our product, our vision, our opportunity and Personal and Professional growth.  Advocating what you do, as you go about your life, is the bread and butter of Tessellate. 

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