Usborne Community Partnerships


Address: Usborne Community Partnerships, Unit 8 Oasis Park, Stanton Harcourt Road, Eynsham, Oxon, OX29 4TU.

Tel: +44 (0)1865 883731



About us

Usborne Community Partnerships is the thriving direct selling division of Usborne, a world-leading publisher of children’s books. Our community of Independent Usborne Partners is made up of self-employed individuals, each running their own book-selling business sharing our award-winning children’s books at events, schools, and online throughout the UK and Europe.

We are the only UK publisher to offer individuals an opportunity to work with us independently, sharing our beautiful, meticulously crafted, kid-centric children’s books directly with their customers, in their communities.

Our vision

Usborne is an independent, family business, set up 50 years ago by Peter Usborne when he found out he was going to become a parent. The company is now led by his daughter Nicola Usborne, MD, with her dad taking an active role as chairman. The Usborne family motto is ‘good books, good jobs, good charity’ and this is carried through into Usborne Community Partnerships where our vision is to provide everyone with an opportunity to write a better story for their family. As the Usborne family have built a business around their values and goals, they have created an opportunity for others to do the same.

Independent Usborne Partners can work wherever they wish, be it online, face-to-face, at local events and schools, or from home. They can build their business to suit their schedule and priorities, whilst receiving continuing support and advice from their peers and from a dedicated team at Usborne. They too epitomise Usborne’s family motto, with their work focused on inspiring a love of reading in all children, sharing the opportunity to do so with others, and through the generous free books package they offer schools to transform their libraries and classrooms.

Build the business you deserve

We are committed to providing Independent Usborne Partners with everything they need to achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be.

Upon joining you will be given everything you need to run a successful business from home. You will earn commission on every book you sell and receive a discount on books for your own children. Plus, you can benefit from additional financial bonuses and exciting rewards as you move your new business forward.

Join us!

If you have a passion for sparking curiosity and growing young minds, for helping books find their ‘forever homes’, and making a difference to the education of children of all ages and backgrounds, becoming an Independent Usborne Partner would be perfect for you.

Please do get in touch with the Usborne Community Partnerships division at Usborne directly, or speak to your local Independent Usborne Partner to join their team. You can find your local Independent Usborne Partner here.

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