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Address: Colour Me Beautiful At Home, 9 Priory Lane, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0AR.

Tel: +44 (0) 1772 750052




Colour me beautiful was founded in the UK in 1983 and very soon became the leading styling company in Europe.

By advising millions of women all over the world, the colour concept evolved from the basic four seasons to the system we use today—an expanded six palettes.

Having worked as a cmb consultant and trainer for 27 years, Cliff Bashforth, M.D. and co-owner of the brand for Europe, Africa and The Middle East had a vision when he purchased the business in 2016, that was to…

Empower as many women as possible – one make-up party at a time!

Our mission is to show women how to create the best version of themselves by purchasing only cosmetic shades that suit their skin tone. We aim to banish mistakes in women’s make-up bags and cease the wastage that is created by buying boxes, trays, palettes of shades that are rarely or never used.

Our Advisors can offer a beautifully designed, cruelty free cosmetic range personally prescribed for customer’s colouring type. Over 90% of our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom. We are a British company and we’re passionate about supporting Britain.

The ‘business in a bag’ offers women and men the opportunity of building a business of their own. A minimal investment, the backing of a well-known, well-respected brand and, hard work can reap phenomenal rewards. We are giving people the chance to be….

In business for themselves but not by themselves!

Prescribing make-up rather than ‘selling’ cosmetics builds customer loyalty which in turn ensures that our Advisors can develop and grow their own business with confidence.

Changing the way women look and feel about themselves is a ‘life-changing’ experience for the person that conducted the colour assessment or group party. We are passionate about the service we offer – how we ‘do business’ means that there’s no selling involved.

What we do is magical!

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