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Address: NewGen Direct, Lake View House, Wilton Drive, Tournament Fields, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6RG.

Tel: +44 (0) 333 800 0412




Based in Shakespeare’s Warwickshire (UK), NewGen Direct is a very exciting new & revolutionary, cutting-edge ‘British’ certified organic supplement company with global appeal.

Following our launch in 2014, our all-in-one supplement, NewGen Superfoods Plus®, has been featured extensively in the British media, including a full page feature article in the Daily Express, promoting the life changing product testimonial from James Bond actress Yennis Cheung. Former Emmerdale star, Roxanne Pallet promoted our product in OK Magazine, Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby’s product testimonial was featured in Reveal, plus we have had many other media articles featuring our breakthrough product in national publications such as The Sunday People, Women’s Fitness, Female First, Health Magazine, Vitality and more.


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Our 100% natural, vegetarian & vegan friendly all-in-one product, NewGen Superfoods Plus, is manufactured to the highest world-wide industry standards and has been extensively tested by renowned independent laboratories including Brunswick Labs, ALS & LGC (formerly known as HFL Sports Science). There have been 2 pre-clinical studies performed by Brunswick Labs, plus their full antioxidant testing suite and the results are exceptional. Our product is also sports drug tested for professional athletes and many premiership footballers as a result use our product. 91.83% of our formula is made with certified organic raw wholefood freeze-dried fruits, veggies, seeds, grains, protein and fibre, plus our formula contains plant trace minerals, over 5 billion dairy-free bacteria cultures, antioxidants, extracts and digestive enzymes, all in a convenient 12.5g powder sachet serving. The powder can easily be mixed with liquid in a shaker or with food. We do not add sweeteners, added sugar, fortified synthetic nutrients, flavourings or any type of additives and our product is gluten free, wheat free, soya free and dairy free. We do not test on animals!

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