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The Spellbound Co.
The Self-Care Direct Sales Company.


The Spellbound Co. was originally founded in November 2020 by mother and daughter team Chanelle Fry and Caroline Ray.  Initial products included a range of holistic candles infused with crystals to support and promote much needed healing, self care and empowerment during an extremely bleak global pandemic.  In April 2022, convinced that our growing Spellbound following were very keen to be more involved, we took the decision to become a Limited Company and re-launched as ‘The Spellbound Company UK Direct Sales Limited’ with Chanelle Fry as our CEO and both Terry Fry and Caroline Ray as Directors.

As the UK’s first Self-Care direct sales company, we currently offer a UK wide, free opportunity to become an Ambassador for the company and join a no pressure, respectful, supportive and like-minded Spellbound Community. Ambassadors are able to use a wide range of marketing and selling opportunities through social media, home parties, friends and family, fairs and events and our recently launched Spellbound Catalogue. Upon joining they are able to access a sound online training programme and receive ongoing support from sponsors and Founding Leaders.  At the time of writing, this opportunity has been embraced by over 1,700 members and continues to grow daily!

Product ranges are constantly being expanded and currently include holistic candle ranges, wax melts, bath and body crystal infused products, crystals and crystal jewellery, empowerment slogan clothing and a range of essential oils all centred and developed around an ethos of self-care, self-love and empowerment.  We are very proud to be making all our wax based products by hand here in the UK, using only the finest vegan, non-toxic waxes. Product ingredients and crystals are ethically sourced in keeping with our awareness of the need for sustainability and efforts to reduce detrimental environmental impacts.

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