Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked by Direct Sellers, or people considering becoming one.

What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is a method of marketing and retailing goods or services directly to Consumers, through personal contact away from permanent retail premises.
We’ve prepared a dedicated page to tell you more about Direct Selling. Click here to read it!

Is Direct Selling right for me?

Direct Selling allows anyone to set up and run their own business and is open to everyone over the age of 18 regardless of gender, background, education or race.

What level of income can I expect?

The great attraction of Direct Selling is that it offers a flexible earning opportunity where you are in control of the income you can generate. Many work their Direct Selling businesses part-time along their regular job to earn extra income. Some eventually choose to put in full-time hours and generate a substantial income.

What should I consider when choosing a Direct Selling opportunity?

You should select a business that markets products which appeal to you and which seem fairly priced. If you are enthusiastic about the product yourself, sales will be much easier to achieve.
The appeal of a company’s product is much more important than the rates of commission and bonuses that are on offer.  Reasonable commissions on easily achieved sales are much better than high commission on sales that are difficult to achieve.
It is advisable to ensure that the business you are considering is a DSA Member. This gives an assurance that the business opportunity is legal and the company has agreed to abide by the DSA Codes.

Can I run my Direct Selling business from home?

Yes – you can run a substantial Direct Selling business from your home using channels of internet and telephone as a means of communication, although personal contact does significantly help to grow your business. Direct Selling allows people to work for themselves and to run their own business in a way that fits with their lifestyle.

What is a reasonable investment to make when starting a Direct Selling business?

Depending on the company, an individual may have to invest in a starter kit or a product demonstration kit.  The Price for kits varies from company to company but range from £0-£200, with most hardly exceeding £100.
The law governing Multi-Level Marketing does not allow an investment of more than £200 in the first seven days.  The great advantage of any business opportunity in Direct Sales is that it is not necessary to buy goods before you have made any sales to consumers.
Note: Never be tempted to buy more stock than you are certain to sell, nor be tempted to ‘buy’ your way into a higher position in the company’s sales organisation.