Success Stories: Arlene Fingland

The pandemic has been the catalyst for many, including Glasgow-based Arlene Fingland, to make dramatic changes in career, lifestyle and priorities.  For the past 15 years Arlene held a demanding position working as a senior business development partner for a Scottish charity. She travelled extensively with her work regularly putting in an 80 hour week.


Arlene says, “Anyone who knows me would tell you how passionate I was about my work. Even though I was extremely busy in my main job I had still found time to start a part-time Fit-camp business five years ago as well as doing a running challenge to raise funds for Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital after they took such amazing care of my son who after a football accident was left with a brain injury. It was through doing the running challenge and being introduced to some of Forever Living’s products that my interest was piqued. Quite simply after using some of the products my running was off the scale. So with only the smallest pockets of time in my already manic schedule I decided to start my Forever Living business.  I had such great results with the products and felt so passionate about them that I knew I could develop a retail business around them. In the beginning I could only manage half an hour in the evenings to devote some time to my Forever business activity.  Even with the small amounts of time I had available the business started to grow and I started to make a few hundred pounds a month. I could see its potential if only I had more time to devote to it and decided to re-evaluate and overhaul my working life.


I resigned my business development position at the end of March this year. I’m not going to pretend I took this decision lightly, nor was it easy; it was possibly one of the most emotional times of my life, my work was a huge part of my identity, but I wanted to make changes, I wanted more time, and a new way of living. Without any down-time and having worked my notice period I took on premises and increased my Fit-camp business to full-time, working my Forever business alongside.


Working less hours for the first time I was able to enjoy a family life, meals with my adult children, and the realisation hit home – how much I had missed this. Life has a way of handing you not one but multiple challenges I have found, and at the same time my husband lost his job just as I was building two businesses.


Almost six months on I can only say that I have absolutely no regrets.  I am working less than half my hours across my gym and Forever businesses; for the first time I am working a 35 hour week, probably spending 10 hours a week working on my Forever activity I have developed a strong and regular customer base. Across the two businesses I am now making the equivalent of my old salary.  It’s been a roller-coaster emotionally but the reward has more than outweighed the risk.  I have so much to be grateful for.”