Success Stories: Charlene Boyle

Glasgow-based Charlene Boyle had already been running her own Forever business alongside her beauty salon for 19 years when the lockdown last March forced her to close her salon.  Charlene says, “I would say I’m fairly entrepreneurial, I had an ice cream parlour for a year before I started my salon.  That said when my friend suggested I start my own Forever business I literally rolled my eyes, but having won one of Forever’s weight management products, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after completing it and so I decided to sign up and quite literally sold hundreds of them.

During lockdown it has been a life-saver to have the additional income and my business has grown partly because I have had more time to devote to it, but also because people are taking better care of their health, so I’ve found there is a bigger demand for the products. I’m finding that people are also more open to exploring the business opportunity as they have experienced and enjoyed more flexibility and the chance to work from home for possibly the first time in their working lives. I definitely sense that people want a different way of working and many are not keen to return to full-time in the office etc.

Forever has also enhanced my life in other ways too.  I had won an incentive with a trip to Dublin for a weekend and while there I met by fiancé Jake who was on a stag weekend.  He was based in Cambridge and because I can work flexibly I was able to travel to and from Cambridge easily which certainly helped foster our relationship.  He has now relocated to Scotland and we are getting married next year so I have a lot to thank Forever for both personally and professionally.”