Success Stories: Diana Page

Diana Page started her Forever business eighteen years ago and she has achieved phenomenal success over the years. Diana is now considered to have one of the most successful Forever businesses in the UK and she has influenced many in the industry.


“When I left school I had a degree in psychology but I didn’t have a planned career. After a few roles in retail and customer service I landed a junior marketing role and this launched my corporate career. I was eager to learn, had a strong work ethic and I was desperate to earn a big income so I quickly climbed the corporate ladder and became Head of Marketing for a huge business. But, in reality, I was desperately unhappy with my job.”


“I came to a natural crossroads when I started my family nineteen years ago. I was looking for something I could do from home flexibly around a growing family, something that would earn a good income. A huge thank you goes out to my sponsor – a new friend who I met at antenatal classes – for having the courage to invite me to look at Forever. I could see that it was (and still is) a business for people who were motivated to help others, and I knew with certainty that was me. And if it all was true, this company valued people as assets. The idea of starting my own business with a proven business model, support and training, was too good to pass up and I just couldn’t wait to get started.”


“When I started Forever my son was six months old and I had my second child two-and-a-half years later, so time management was key, but it really comes down to one word: priorities. Because I was crystal-clear about why I was building a Forever business and the extraordinary lifestyle it would give us, prioritising seemed only natural. I let go of the ‘stuff’ that other people could do and focused on doing just the things that only I could do. My diary is my magic weapon. I have always been good at scheduling in the important things first: children time, date night, Forever time, etc., things like cleaning, ironing, gardening didn’t make it on the list because they weren’t going to give me family time or build my business. I knew that when I achieved my first promotion within of few months of starting, I could pay someone to do those jobs for me! One of my core values is to live a balanced life, and Forever gives you the opportunity to own your diary and create a life of balance. Time management is everything for peace of mind.”


“Forever has an incredibly generous Marketing Plan which is open to everybody. I just couldn’t believe thatif I helped people with the products and continued to share the opportunity, Forever would reward me with end of year bonus, car programme, world-class all-expenses paid trips around the world, meaning I have now ticked off more than 80% of my travel bucket list!”


“But the rewards are actually much more than that. As a mum I have no regrets, I have raised my boys, missed out on nothing and given them the best possible start in life. Plus my Forever income has allowed me to have 2 sponsored children in Uganda for over 15 years, help my extended family, have the time to embark on new interests like triathlons, and much more.”


“It’s really important to share that my success has come as a result of helping other people to succeed. We are only successful together.  And that’s the clincher, if you’re motivated to help others, this is the best place to be.”