Success Stories: Elisabeth Martin

Elisabeth Martin advanced to rank of Senior Director with Reliv Europe in January 2021.  She lives with her husband Mat and family in Glossop. We were keen to discover the key to her success, what motivates her and what Reliv means to her and her family. Here is what she shared with us.

In addition to your work with Reliv, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I home educate our four children, who are aged between 8 and 15 years old. I enjoy singing, crocheting and I love to cook and bake. I also thoroughly enjoy hiking in the hills.

How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?

For me personally, the Reliv products have had a huge impact on my wellbeing over the last 17 years.  When I was introduced to Reliv I was a completely different person at that time.  We didn’t have any children, I was lacking motivation, I was permanently exhausted and suffered with several allergies.  My life has changed so much thanks to Reliv and these products.

I’m also very thankful to Reliv for the business opportunity because I’ve been able to help so many others develop their own businesses and work with some of the best people in the world at the same time! I have something positive to focus on and I’ve grown so much as a person.  I will always be grateful to be part of such a wonderful company and recognise that as a Reliv Distributor we really do have the best opportunity!

What do you do to develop your Reliv business?

I have learnt over the years to concentrate on those people who are willing and keen to grow and change. I have always been receptive and I draw on the experience and support of my upline.  I always look forward and not back and take the positives from those around me.  It is ultimately my responsibility to keep making new friends and connections and by helping someone else, that person can then go on to help another person and so it goes on!

How has your Reliv business impacted your life?

Reliv has helped me to recognise that we can all be leaders! It doesn’t hurt to take a risk and reach out to someone.  I’ve developed as a person and I have definitely grown in confidence. Through Reliv, I have overcome some of my inner fears and I can now focus on how many people I can help and what positive impact that will have on their lives. Not only that, financially we have an additional monthly income ranging from £400-£1000 and more recently I earned a £500 bonus which took my monthly income up to £1800!

What do you tell other people about Reliv?

I tell them that Reliv is more than just a business; Reliv is a company that can change your life and I tell them that they need to hear about it! Ultimately, what I say depends upon the openness, receptiveness and specific needs of each individual, but each time my goal is to make an appointment with them and importantly to follow up on that appointment.

What is your advice to a new Reliv Distributor?

My advice would be to learn from your upline and share in their success – they’ve already achieved what you want to achieve and they know best how to guide you.  It is important to be teachable and receptive and don’t be hard on yourself!  There are so many ways you can develop.  And remember Connect, Connect, Connect!

What is your next goal for your Reliv business?

My next goal is to become a Reliv Ambassador!  I realise that in order to do that, I need to sponsor more Master Affiliates.  My intention is to talk to as many new people as possible, connect with the people I already know and be thankful for what I have!

Why did you choose Reliv?

At the beginning, I was just looking for some help with my own wellness.  I then began to look for a business opportunity but something I could do from home.  I hadn’t found anything suitable up until Reliv.  Reliv has both the products and a business plan that I am passionate about and I am proof that you can earn real money and enjoy working with wonderful people at the same time!

Finally, I would like to share that not only have I moved several times over the years but each time I had another child, my business had to take a back seat. Throughout this time, Reliv has always sent me a cheque.  Through commitment and perseverance, I have seen my business grow. My mind-set has changed from ‘It would be nice to be an Ambassador one day’ to ‘What do I need to do to become a Reliv Ambassador!’  I will do those things and I truly believe that at Reliv, dedication, determination and persistence pays off!