Success Stories: Gianluca Parente

“I am Gianluca Parente, 25 years old, I come from Naples (Italy) and I’ve been living in London for 4 years now. I met ORGANO™ in 2016 when I was about to graduate from high school.

I never heard of the Network Marketing profession ever since but after I went to the first meeting it was love at first sight. Not because I understood much, but because I found a stimulant environment full of energy and ordinary people committed to create extraordinary things.

I arrived in the UK with no experience plus my sponsor quit a few weeks later. Nevertheless I started to talk with tons of people. No results for a year.

January 2017, I got in touch with the Emerald Maurizio Cauli who’s now my sponsor and my upline Blue Diamond Riccardo Benato. I start to follow their instructions.

The same month I would hit the first rank, 2 months later the second one and SAPPHIRE in June 2018 with over £15,000 of sales with my team. I quit my 9to5 job as a waiter in March 2019 and since then I dedicate full time to my business and to that of my constantly growing team and we generated tons of new ranks in the last year.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but neither living paycheque to paycheque feels nice. 

ORGANO™ has been the vehicle to buy the most precious thing of our lives: time, and it gave me the opportunity to develop my mindset, and skillets through effort and dedication. It’s a real business school and life school, and I can use our system to make people great. 

I am grateful now that I can decide to go back to Italy whenever I want to see my family without asking for holidays to anyone and even more, impacting a large number of people who want more from life and we can help them become their best version by creating a better and healthier lifestyle.

The industry of Network Marketing is growing rapidly and today, more than ever people are understanding that jobs aren’t that safe anymore. They want to have more time, enjoy more of the only life we get to live, to be recognised for the work they have done, to be in a positive and meritocratic environment and the Organo ecosystem can offer that and much more.

Of course, Network Marketing isn’t perfect, it is just a better way.

Stay hungry for big dreams.“