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Success Stories: Hannah Jago

Mum of two Hannah switched careers from working all-hours in retail customer service roles to make more time for her family. Being a piano teacher gave her far more balance but fluctuating earnings in the holidays meant that she needed another income stream to make up the gap. In June 2020, Hannah became an Independent Associate with LegalShield, and now earns around £500 a month commission selling the company’s legal advice subscription service, something she and her family know the benefit of only too well.

“I have always enjoyed a varied career – what you might call a portfolio career. As well as being a piano teacher, I also sell some of my artwork, but my core income, for a long time, came from a career in retail customer service roles.

It was when I had my children that I started to feel things really weren’t working for me. I started to feel quite down about the number of times I had to decline invitations to family gatherings or celebrations, and I often had to say no to things because of the inflexible hours and shifts I worked.

I’ll never forget the moment I decided things had to change. I was at work at 6pm on Boxing Day, my children were small, and I just clearly remember thinking that this was pretty miserable, and that there must be a better way to make a living and enjoy family life.

Making Change Happen

Having cut back on teaching piano lessons, I found I needed to bridge the gap in my income so I was looking for something that could enable me to do that flexibly and without committing too many hours.

It was a friend, Carina, who first mentioned LegalShield to me. She had joined the company as an Associate – essentially running a micro-franchise for the brand – shortly after its launch into the UK market. One of my children had been the victim of vandalism, and she recommended the firm’s LegalDefence subscription service to me as we needed some legal advice but just couldn’t afford the hundreds of pounds in lawyer’s fees. She explained that she earned a commission on each sale she made.

I did some research and found that although new to the UK, it was a well-established business in the States, where it had 1.75 million users.

I liked what I saw: I liked their reputation and was impressed by the approach they were taking in the UK, partnering with consumer law firm Slater and Gordon.

I took out the subscription, and I was impressed, it really helped us to understand our position in relation to the damage to my daughter’s car, to know what our rights were, and what we needed to do.

I was so impressed that I decided to ask Carina a bit more about working with the company, and it really appealed to me. I discussed it with my husband Chris and decided it would offer me the flexibility I needed, and that with the hours I had available to spend on developing my customer base, I could earn a few hundred pounds a month, exactly the sort of amount I needed to fill the gap in my earnings.

I joined in June 2020 – my piano teaching income had decreased because I couldn’t conduct lessons in person during the Covid-19 lockdown, so I was ready to start earning again. I found the training very helpful, and managed to complete this within a few days so that I could earn soon after joining.

How I Run My Side Hustle

Essentially my LegalShield business is built on recommendation and referral. For each customer that I refer, I receive between £50 – £100 commission.

I find new customers in a wide range of different ways. Often it’s through word of mouth, but I also proactively reach out to people within my network if I think the service might be relevant or useful to them. For example, I noticed that an acquaintance had posted on Facebook asking for advice in relation to her separation from her husband. I knew I wasn’t qualified to give her legal advice myself, but by referring her to LegalShield I know how she can get appropriate and good advice for not very much money.

The extra income is making a real difference to my family – even in these early days just being able to bridge the gap in our outgoings is a bonus. In the long term I expect it to allow us to afford better holidays.

I feel passionately about this way of working and feel empowered that I can earn whilst prioritising the things that really matter in life – family and friends. It also feels good to be selling a product I believe in.  Legal advice is financially out of reach for so many people and it can make such a difference just to feel you can speak to someone to get have the confidence to know what your rights are.  It’s great to take control of what is going on around you at what can be a very stressful time in your daily life.”