Success Stories: Jacqui Lewis

“I never knew people could hug with such force.”

Jacqui Lewis, from Banbury, is still pinching herself. When her name was read out at Convention as the 2018 Consultant of the Year, it came as an overwhelming surprise. But it was the reaction of her own team, who were present in their droves that truly moved her.

“My team members went wild. Some were in tears. They were throwing themselves everywhere. Their reaction took my breath away and that is what will stay with me the most.”

Jacqui is modest in praising herself but you can’t stop her when it comes to talking about her beloved team.

“It is a bit bonkers. There are so many amazing Consultants that do amazing things with their businesses and are unique. I don’t think I do anything out of the ordinary. Actually, I’m a bit of a plodder. I work hard and I keep going. But I could not have done any of it without my amazing team. When I first went to the Convention about 10 years ago and watched people go on stage to collect awards, I never thought for a second that one day it would be me. But it shows that if I can do it, anybody can.”

We wouldn’t describe Jacqui as a ‘plodder”, as she has grasped the opportunity to build a thriving business with both hands, building the fantastic team she has outlined. But while she says her success is due to hard work, persistence and tenacity, she is also quick to point out that her journey has not always been a smooth one. In fact, it’s been a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs, but she has never lost faith in the brand or herself.

Jacqui first came across the Plan in 2007 while watching GMTV. She found a Consultant, gave it a go and lost her weight. She was amazed by the simplicity and results. Although hesitant at first, she decided to become a Consultant herself, despite working full time in sales and marketing for a contract catering company. Initially, her business was slow but it gradually picked up.

“I would fill my car boot with client orders at 8am and was at my desk in my full-time job at 8.30am. I would watch the clock slowly reach 5pm and then I was like a rat out of a trap. I saw mobile clients in the evening and I often wouldn’t get home until 10pm. Eventually it felt like I was doing two full-time jobs.”

Then, in April 2012 Jacqui was made redundant – which she describes as the “best thing” that could have happened to her. She knew she couldn’t continue to do both roles anyway, so the decision to focus solely on being a Consultant was made for her. “It was the opportunity I had been waiting for.”

Jacqui’s Consultant business grew and she loved now being able to see more clients. At that point she also began to grow her team and the reward for her efforts was winning the Business Development Award at the 2012 Convention with a trip to Hong Kong for herself and her husband. 

“That was the first time I had even felt proud of my own achievements. As a mum you are proud of your children but rarely proud of yourself. I didn’t even realise Head Office knew who I was. In a ‘regular’ job you are rarely rewarded for your hard work and achievements with our business that recognition is available to everyone.  

It was recognition for her growing business and excellent client feedback. 

“I was shocked to the core at winning that award. All my working life I had worked hard but I’d rarely had a ‘well done’ or a ‘thank you’. But here I was being told ‘you’ve done well and here’s the reward’. It was an important moment for me and made me feel really valued. It made me think, ‘Actually, I can do this.’”

Jacqui works full time from her office in Banbury and offers mobile appointments to surrounding areas. She holds regular team meetings and has one-to-ones with her downline.

“One of the most rewarding aspects is helping someone grow their business.  It is not really about the numbers in my team, it’s about working with lovely like-minded people who are passionate about their future with The 1:1 Diet. I am really proud of my team.”

Jacqui insists there has been no single reason for her success and she doesn’t have a defined strategy for dealing with clients. Her business has grown organically and has been built on the foundations of hard work and professionalism.

“I am just always myself. Every client wants something different. I try to be kind, supportive and encouraging but always myself. But any new Consultants who may think this job is easy cannot be more wrong. I have worked really hard to build my business and do my level best for my clients and my team.”

Jacqui now has 100 in her first and second generation downline. And this year the focus of her business is going to be firmly on helping her team members achieve what she has achieved.

“My plan is to 100% support my team. The new company incentives programme, the Pathway to Success, has really fired them up and we have got ready for it by helping my team identify their goals for 2019 and beyond. My main aim is for my team to have the business that THEY want. But it also feels more personal now. They have helped me and now I want to help them get on the stage and win awards.”