Success Stories: Joanna Jane

Facing increasing household bills, community nurse and solo mum of two Joanna started a direct selling side hustle to top up the income she received from her full-time job.

“Starting my direct selling business is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Over the past couple of years, I noticed things starting to cost more and my bills started creeping up. I was becoming concerned with rising costs and felt as though I needed a safety net for unexpected costs that could crop up, particularly as I’m a single parent.

I am a full time community nurse so already had a reasonable income coming in but I knew I would struggle if I ever needed spare cash for something unexpected, or out of the ordinary such as a new washing machine or similar.

As a nurse I work 10 hour shifts starting at 8am, on a rotating pattern so I am already out of the house a lot. Earning extra money needed to come without having to be away again for hours.

I started to consider direct selling as a way of earning a bit extra and was attracted to Oriflame because of the brand’s product range. There are always new products coming through which makes direct selling for the brand varied and exciting. The products are also affordable which is important in the current climate. I also absolutely love their make-up and selling something you love yourself is much easier!

I started my business in May 2022 and since then I’ve built things up to a point where on average, I earn around £400 per month. It can sometimes be more; it just depends how much time I am able to dedicate to it and how many sales I’m able to make each month as my earnings are based on product sales.

I tend to do an hour or so on my business before I go out to work and then more on my rotating days off. I usually look forward to it as it doesn’t really seem like work – I’m speaking to like-minded customers online – many of which have become friends – about products I love.

Having that £400 a month has taken away so much stress and makes me feel much more financially prepared.

The Power of Social Selling

My direct selling work fits seamlessly into my life and my routine which is important.  I conduct a lot of my businessthrough social media. I post content that demonstrates the products, and because I use the products daily it’s easy to share them within my usual routine. Since I am doing my makeup anyway, I just go on a Live and share what I am doing. I think my customers enjoy the content I post because it is relatable. Becoming a single mum and going through COVID was tough but I have built a community by being honest and authentic, and I think people appreciate that. It’s been a life changer.

More Than Financial Rewards

Direct selling has given me a sense of independence and an opportunity to meet new people. It’s more like a hobby than work, and I find it very empowering being financially independent and financially confident.

I really enjoy working on my business. It’s something completely different from my full time job and I am proud of what I have achieved already and excited for where I can take it. I really enjoy it. Who knows, one day it may be my full time income – watch this space!”