Success Stories: Karen Golder

“Direct selling for The Body Shop At HomeTM is so much more than a side hustle, it’s been lifesaving for me. That sounds quite dramatic, I realise! But after spending so much time focused on my daughter Imogen’s medical rehabilitation, this has given me something for me, and given me my confidence back. I can honestly say that it’s saved my mental health. It’s given me something else to focus on and talk about which has been helpful for me and the whole family. Plus of course, I earn useful additional income from it.

“Prior to Imogen’s surgery in November 2020, I worked in a primary school as a SENCO for three days a week and for the other two days of the working week I was a Director of Breathe Communities, a faith based charity working to help increase positive mental health and wellbeing through art and creativity. The charity sadly closed during the pandemic, and I realised I wouldn’t be able to go back to working five days a week and look after Imogen and give her the aftercare she needed. So, I went back to my SENCO role two days a week and started working as a Consultant for The Body Shop At HomeTM. One of the best decisions I’ve made.”


“While I was staying in Bristol Children’s Hospital with Imogen, my friend sent me some Body Shop products as a kind gesture. I hadn’t used The Body Shop products since I was a teenager, and I was quickly reminded just how good they are. I loved them and started to buy them regularly thereafter. It was then that I thought ‘I wonder how much discount I would be entitled to if I become a Consultant, I wonder how much money I’d save?’.

“I filled out the Consultant form thinking it could be a good way to supplement my teaching income, and a way of earning money around Imogen’s needs, and it all went from there.”


“I love The Body Shop’s ethics.  I love that it helps people all around the world. It’s a social selling company with a mission and I am really attracted to that. The brand fights for social and environmental justice.  Wherever people aren’t currently being heard or have no voice at all, for example young people, or marginalised people and communities (especially women and girls) are commonly underrepresented where decisions are made, The Body Shop makes a point of amplifying their voices at every opportunity.

We lived overseas for a decade when the children were very little. We came back to the UK after Imogen’s diagnosis and working with The Body Shop has reignited my passion for Fairtrade and being globally aware which has been fantastic.

“I bought my starter kit for £30, which included many of The Body Shop’s best-selling products that I could use to demonstrate and give away as samples – in total it was worth over £220. I hosted my first event in September 2021 as a hybrid event with two friends in my home and others on Zoom. We played games, tried products and generally had fun! I sold some of the best sellers that I love and went on to hold more events both online and in person.  September was a great time to start the business as it was the start of the peak season and in November I made £4,000 worth of sales which has been my top month so far and really helpful for Christmas*.

“I’ll typically hold a couple of events each month, again in the evening, with friends or my network of contacts, and sometimes hold fundraisers for local charities too.  From June all Consultants will get their own personal websites which means any customers across the UK will be able to purchase from me!

“Also, some consultants will be eligible to become Global Business Account Holders, meaning that Australia and the US are open to them under certain conditions. That’s exciting! I also spend some time mentoring and training others in my team, usually online – I am now a Silver Leader with 16 people in my team. On average I spend about 12 hours a week on my business, but that is split into small bite sized periods that fit around my life.

“I recently went on an all-expenses paid incentive trip to a retreat in Tenerife with the company. An incentive for the growth I’ve achieved. Other Consultants and I were treated to a catamaran experience, fun on jet skis, we ate at a Michelin star restaurant, and it was all wrapped up with a Gala dinner. This has all happened in less than a year. The potential is huge if you are committed to putting the work in.”


“I now earn around £500 – £600 per month through my work with The Body Shop At HomeTM depending on how many events I host and how many products me and my team sell in any given month*. The earnings are extremely helpful of course, but for me, it’s the impact on my mental health which has been the most valuable thing about my direct selling work. It’s been so refreshing to get my teeth into something, and the work seamlessly fits around my life. For example, I do my make-up in the morning everyday so I just make that into a live on social media and I’m showcasing the products while I am doing what I would be doing anyway!

“I can make a sale while I am unpacking the dishwasher or waiting in the car for an appointment with Imogen – it works around me and my life, and that is invaluable, as many working women will appreciate.

“I have the opportunity to grow my business as and when life allows me to. The flexibility and potential is really exciting, and this is just the beginning.”

*Any earnings shown herein are examples and should not be considered as typical or average. The success of a The Body Shop At Home™ Consultant largely depends on their skills, personal ambition and the invested time and effort.  Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are quick and easily achieved.