Success Stories: Lindsay Plantin

Lindsay runs her own independent business with doTERRA. She lives in Wootton, Northamptonshire, with her husband Daniel and children Like, Sophie and Joshua.

What did you do before you joined doTERRA?

I was a Maths and Science Teacher and Assistant Head in a secondary school in North West London which I loved! It was very challenging, but extremely rewarding. I gave my all to the school and the children and was often in school from 7am until 7pm. This was one of the reasons I decided not to go back to teaching after having children as I knew I couldn’t give my children and the school my best. Teaching full time does not provide flexible working hours.

Why direct selling?

I love the flexibility that working with doTERRA gives me. Direct sales means being your own boss with fewer risks and costs of actually setting up your own business.

What do you love about this way of working?

I love the flexibility it gives me. I never have to book time off work or ask for permission to go to my children’s school shows or to take a month off to visit my mum in France or any other significant event. I have always been very hard working ever since I was young and worked 3 jobs to support myself through university, so I’m not afraid of hard work. I just love that I work hard on my terms and not someone else’s.

How do you fit your work around your life?

We plan our working and ‘parenting’ time between Daniel and I with school runs, clubs and enjoying time with our youngest who is still mostly at home. Time blocking helps us to create a balance between work and family life. I usually ‘protect’ the after-school time with our children up to bedtime so I can be there for all those golden conversations as they unload the pleasures and woes of their days. We work a few evenings a week and each block out time for our church commitments and hobbies like football for Daniel and Salsa dancing for me. I always find the most success when I’m doing what lights me up like making (and eating!) healthy chocolate, dancing, wild swimming. People are drawn to happy people, so I think self-care is really important for mental health as well as for business.

Why doTERRA?

I chose doTERRA because of the impact their oils and products had on my family and I. I wouldn’t be doing this if it was not a product I truly believed in and could share with others knowing I am genuinely improving their lives and providing the purest quality oils. The ‘start-up costs’ of doTERRA are very low as we don’t buy stock to sell, we educate, then they buy from doTERRA and are connected to us like a family tree. This means our focus is always on what is best for our customer and not what stock we have. Another reason I partner with doTERRA is because I soon realised that its’ compensation plan enabled us to create a real and lasting residual income without sacrificing our ability to create our own timetable. doTERRA’s mission is to source the best essential oils, so they can help the most; we do our best for our customers and team so we can help the most people find health and financial freedom.

And now your husband has joined you, is that correct?

Daniel has always had an entrepreneurial spirit having run his own IT and Web companies from when he was a teenager. He spent 10 years working in property in London, then an environmental company in Northampton; it was when my doTERRA business had grown considerably that he really started taking notice! Being a real people person, I always wanted Daniel to join me in doing doTERRA and I was often dropping hints, sharing, and trying to include him in what I was doing. Daniel did see the potential and we have not looked back.

We earn through the products we sell ourselves as well as through training, mentoring, and supporting a team of around 50 doTERRA Wellness Advocates and 3,500 customers. Alone we can only do so much good, with a team of wonderful colleagues, we can accomplish incredible things for our customers, our team and ourselves. One of the beauties of direct selling is that we are all in it together: if they do well, we do well so we all support each other cheer each other on. The doTERRA culture of support, including across other teams, is phenomenal.

Until March 2020, we did mostly in person workshops, classes, ‘make and take’s all over the country. Our main approach then was to find people who are interested in health and wellness through fairs all over the country and invite them to try a doTERRA oil for a specific health concern before coming to a class to learn more about how doTERRA essential oils work and how to use them. Usually, my husband did the fairs, and I taught the classes.

At the end of March 2020, within 2 weeks of lockdown, we had set up four online workshops a week for us and our team to enable people to discover doTERRA ( and learn how to use their oils for things like green cleaning, pet care, women’s health or even chocolate making for our community of oil users. Since then, we have worked mostly online with pockets of face-to-face events. Our focus is on selling by educating. Maybe it’s my background in education, but I believe that’s the only way you can have a lasting impact on people: educate and empower them to make their own choices based on knowledge and understanding. Once our customers start using doTERRA, they tend to keep coming back as it becomes a way of life. That’s why it allows us to create a passive income and them to lasting benefits: win, win.