Success Stories: Morag Nicol

Morag Nicol runs her own Partylite business. Recently, Morag shared how her business has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you had asked me this 4 weeks ago I would say a minimum of 12/14 parties each month showcasing our gorgeous products creating fun with guests. I earn 25% profit on everything that I sell each month and this is paid direct into my bank account. I don’t set myself a income goal each month however  I aim to achieve £1 more than the previous month plus I always look at previous year’s figures to see if I can match or aim to be £1 more on this also ( but as we have no targets within the business you can earn as much or as little as you wish.

My last physical party was on Tuesday 17th March. I was scared of what was happening like most, and as I suffer asthma was really worried – I really wasn’t sure how I would cope without doing physical parties but also wasn’t sure how my customers would respond to me sharing offers etc as I was conscious that the world was changing and a few people had very little or no income & that a candle was not an essential item (or so I thought). So I enjoyed home life spending more time with the family staying home I was glued to watching the news 24/7 (which was a novelty).

I didn’t really do anything business related or tried to sell anything until 24th March as by then I had had a few ladies messaging and calling me saying they were needing to top up on wax as they were now home 24/7 as they were working from home and burning loads of wax as it was making them feel better & they wanted their home to be fragranced as it was making them feel happy & they wondering if we were still open for business.

So I decided that I better make myself present & let people know what was happening so I went live on my page to my customers making sure they were all ok & updating them that I was still open if they wanted anything & if I could help at all to please let me know. However I didn’t realise by being sincere and open with them quite as many people would respond and place orders they were all touched with my message, and that I would still endeavour to help them if I could. So I embraced the change with the help from PartyLite through my e-boutique and helped customers order and get their orders delivered direct to them to save any one going out & minimum contact.

I then decide with the support of my leader team to create an event on Facebook and go live sharing the offers for my teams and their customers which created excitement & buzz within the team and a few of them have had good results from it. We had over 1600 people invited and over 140 watching at any one time on the night of the event which was great. However with our E-Boutique our customers can shop with us 24/7.

So it is all change for us as a family as my front room has been changed into a PartyLite showcase room with a table set up and I’m now offering virtual Facebook live parties & zoom parties so my customers can still interact get what they want & still host to receive the benefits just without having anyone over.