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Web: https://www.payosu.com/

E-mail: daniel@payosu.com

Eliminate transaction fees and payment delays

If you’re self-employed or a small business owner, making a sale shouldn’t cost you time and money. Frustratingly, more often than not it does.

Instead of giving up 2% of every sale to accept cards, waiting for customers to make fiddly, error-prone bank transfers, or being charged to use time-consuming invoicing tools, use Osu for free. Osu is different. You’ll never be charged a transaction fee – ever. When customers pay, the money is instantly sent to your bank account. And invoices can be generated in under a minute.

-  Customers can pay on the spot in 3 clicks. They don't even need to download the app!

-  You get the money instantly to your bank account. No delays.

-  Zero transaction fees. It means you get 100% of every sale, every time.

-  Easy invoicing. You can create and send invoices in less than a minute.

-  Selling remotely? Automate the admin and let Osu's system chase customers for you.

No plastic card readers, no bank transfer faff, and no endless chasing. The result is better cash flow and higher earnings, with 100% of every payment going directly to you.

How Osu works is simple. You add your customer’s name, phone number, the amount they need to pay, and then click send. They receive an SMS or email with a payment link. They click the link, pick their bank, and confirm the payment with Face or Touch ID. That's it!

And the best bit? Osu’s free plan means you can get started right away.

Find out more and get started at payosu.com


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