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Radial Poland sp. z o. o.

Moszna-Parcela 29, budynek C3

05-840 Brwinów



Web: http://www.radial.com

E-mail: jmainka@radial.com

Tel: +48 607 939 959

Because orders that don’t arrive on time, don’t count. Radial gets orders where they’re going, when they’re supposed to be there.

Radial Fulfilment Center in Pruszków (south-west border of Warsaw) is our proposal of location in Poland. Designed for the needs of high volume, broad SKU base, B2C and B2B Multi-Level Marketing sector. All needed for the sector certificates will be on place!

  • A+ class warehouse, 10m clear height, ESFR sprinklers, 24/7 logistics park security
  • Extension up to 22.000 sqm in flexible modules in the same building possible. Further expansion in logistics park also possible in new planned buildings.
  • Optimum combination of automation and flexibility to deliver efficiency and maximum choice.
  • Fast operations for fast companies. To deliver speed across all areas from inbound through to outbound.
  • Excellent location for late order cut-off and best-in-class delivery times.  Only minutes away from major carrier hubs, international airports, motorway network.
  • Flexible storage solutions including racking, shelving, high-value items and boxed goods.
  • Highly efficient returns processing to ensure goods are quickly ready for re-sale.
  • Managed by team with decades of experience in both ecommerce fulfilment and last-mile delivery.

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