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Social media can be a time-consuming marketing tactic, requiring proper thought and planning. For many, it can be tough to make their mark in an already crowded digital landscape.  Whether you’ve already tried and have given up, are still in the process of trying to make it work for you, or have not even begun your social journey, I can help you to make your social media an effective marketing channel for your business.

Most people have some experience of social media. Many use it to interact with friends and family but this doesn’t mean they necessarily understand how to use social media to support a business. That’s where I can help. I pride myself in “making social simpler”. There is so much hype and noise around social media, that you need someone who can filter out the background noise.

Having worked for global Direct Selling organisations for many years, I decided to take a leap of faith and started my own social media and videography business in 2018. I remain passionate about the Direct Selling industry and am proud to provide social media and videography services to Direct Selling companies, individual Direct Sellers and the DSA UK itself.

I have a wealth of Direct Selling experience and, furthermore, I am certified with the Digital Marketing Institute. It is this unique combination of Direct Selling experience and social media expertise that makes me the ideal choice for anyone in the industry looking for support with their social media or videography.

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