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Five generations after Daniel Swarovski established the company in 1895, Swarovski is still run by the same family, and remains the global leader for cut crystal, and a byword for brilliance. With its premium products, gift ideas, and marketing support services, Swarovski has elevated corporate giving to an art form—the easy way to make recipients feel truly valued.


It’s no secret that for the direct-selling industry, employees and external sales representatives are its biggest assets. This means that – retaining and engaging talented consultants are key – this increases motivation as well as productivity. – acquiring a new highly skilled workforce, as well as positioning the company as a premium industry employer, is necessary to win in the long term. Swarovski has been collaborating for a long time with the direct selling industry, understanding that recognizing and rewarding achievement is crucial to motivating sales teams and create loyalty. Therefore, Swarovski Corporate Gifts recently invested effort into understanding this need through a market research with experts of this sectors. The conclusions were clear, gifts are used to express appreciation and reward loyalty on many different occasions: as sales incentive prizes or long service awards, at company events or special occasions. Personalization adds to the perceived value of gifts, a useful addition when rewarding high achieving and VIP employees.

Consultants are the direct selling industry’s most precious asset. Prestigious or Corporate gifts with prestige corporate gifts are a key way to motivate teams and deepen relationships with the (your maybe better?) brand, and the best way to attract new consultants. Thanks to this extensive market research, Swarovski have developed the most esteemed and innovative portfolio of solutions to support its Direct Selling partners to overcome their challenges and achieve their success.

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