At Tyl, we’re determined to give you the easiest, simplest way to take card payments, but as a ‘partner’ we’re much more than that.

We are looking to partner with members of the DSA who want to offer a bespoke solution with incentives to direct your sales force.

Tyl is about enabling card payments with minimum of fuss for your sales force, and the maximum ease for their customers. Tyl is quick and easy to set up, and once you’re up and running they can look forward to next business day settlement and peace of mind. Whether they’re taking card payments face to face, online or over the phone, we’ve got a solution to blow their socks off.

At Tyl we’re a team – a team that includes you. When we began, back in 2018, there were 10 staff at Tyl – some good with tech, some good with money and some good with business. Now, there are over 200 of us at NatWest dedicated to Tyl, dedicated to making your customers happy and dedicated to making your business a success.

We offer a wide range of solutions to accept payments but believe our pocket card machine could be the answer many Direct Sellers are looking for…

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